Products Innova Corporate (India)



We are engaged in formulation of a wide range of polyelectrolyte & Ferric Chloride all grade that is used as flocculant in Effluent Treatment Plants & Sewage & Water Treatment Plants . Possessing water solubility features these products are demanded in medical, Water treatment and bio-chemical sectors for further processing into various components. Available Grades of Polyelectrolyte: Anionic, Cationic & Nonionic.

We provide Ferric Chloride, Ferric Chloride Anhydrous, Ferric Chloride – Liquid, Ferric Chloride Lumps, Ferric Chloride – Pharma Grade, ferric chloride solution, Polyelectrolyte, Anionic Polyelectrolyte, Cationic Polyelectrolyte, Nonionic Polyelectrolyte, Zwitterionic Polyelectrolyte & Allied Products at very competitive prices.